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Our Student Dentists

As a teaching clinic, student dentists are the heart of our clinic at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, Arizona's first dental school. Our student dentists work with supervising faculty to learn all the skills necessary before they treat patients. Students study for 3 years before they ever work on a human patient. Student training involves hundreds of hours of patient observation and practice on human simulators - complete with realistic teeth, gums, tongue, and jaws.

Students train for four years to become dentists. The first two years, students focus on health sciences, clerkships in general dentistry, and dental simulation exercises. In the third and fourth years, they participate in the on-campus clinic and practice in community-based health centers. Our dental degree program strongly emphasizes patient care experiences through simulation, integration of biomedical and clinical sciences, and problem-solving scenarios to achieve clinical experience and includes a strong component of public health, leadership, and practice.

The student dentist who will care for you has been carefully trained and screened. Your student dentist has been carefully supervised and has practiced her/his dental skills and techniques literally hundreds of hours in simulation laboratories.